NiteBite: The Next Generation in Jaw Comfort-Freedom from Clenching and Grinding!


What dentists are saying about NiteBite:

"I have replaced every other device I have used for my patients for the last four years. My patients rave t how comfortable it is and they are not waking up with pain and discomfort any more. It is a same appointment device with no impressions or lab involved. The ROI is great because it is so affortable."
Dr. H. Schwadron, MO

"Thank you NiteBite! I just woke up with no jaw soreness for the first time in years! Will definitely be recommending to everyone!"
Laura S., Dental Hygenist

"Great product for same day splint for the symptomatic patient."

"It is so easy to fabricate. No mixing powder and liquid - just heat the device in water and it is ready to fit."

"I will keep these in my office as a therapy for acute TMD patients.”

"All patients felt relief.”

What patients are saying about NiteBite:

"The Nitebite dental appliance is the third appliance I have used. The others helped with the clenching but were not as comfortable. This device has halted my clenching and the associated discomfort I used to experience prior to it's use...I wake up refreshed with no jaw discomfort or dull headaches."
Candra P., Patient

"NiteBite is lightweight, comfortable and not bulky like the old night guard I used to wear. I wake up with none of the pain or muscle tension that I used to experience before NiteBite. It was custom fitted in one sitting and I was able to wear it that same night! "
Chris S., Patient

"The very first night that I slept with NiteBite, I noticed immediate, positive results when I woke up in the morning. It stopped my incessant teeth grinding and has eliminated the tension in my jaw muscles. I wake up feeling truly rested. NiteBite's technology really works! "
Karin H., Patient

"After one night, I didn't even feel it in my mouth."
Larry R., Patient

"I won't sleep without it. All the pain from around my jaw joint is gone."

Melissa W., Patient

"I get fewer headaches. Even migraines."

Bonnie G., Patient

"My jaw feels relaxed in the morning. I wake up in comfort."

Arron L.

"I feel aligned."

Marsha B.


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Testimonial of the day
"My jaw feels relaxed in
the morning. I wake up
in comfort."
                                            Arron L.

A Simple Solution your patients will love
Watch this video to learn
how to form and fit a NiteBite.

Watch this video to learn
how NiteBite is inserted.

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