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Business USA
December 2, 2013
by Robert Selleck, DTA

NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: Every patient that has used NiteBite has finally found relief from their clenching and grinding. This simple device —NiteBite is an incredible new technology that actually stops the painful process of teeth clenching and grinding and puts your jaw at rest.

Other devices just protect the teeth. This one stops the grinding. It puts the jaw at rest. It's a restful appliance."

NiteBite is simple to custom-mold and place the appliance. NiteBite works and dentists and hygenists across the country are recommending it to patients suffering from grinding, clenching, pain, headaches and jaw joint syndrome (TMD or TMJ). Once patients try NiteBite they are sold because this patented technology works and is a break through in the dental industry.

With more than 50 million people (one in six) in the United States experiencing symptoms of bruxing, the market for an effective appliance is immense. However, the other options rarely provide actual treatment. NiteBite is different because of its thin construction and placement within the freeway space, which is described as the distance between the physiological rest position and the first point of contact of the upper and lower teeth. The effect is that the muscles relax — and people stop clenching and grinding their teeth. Associated headaches and tooth and jaw pain can also disappear.


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"My jaw feels relaxed in
the morning. I wake up
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                                            Arron L.

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