NiteBite: The Next Generation in Jaw Comfort-Freedom from Clenching and Grinding!


Mold and Fit in 5 Minutes. NiteBite breaks the cycle of parafunction, grinding and clenching, creating the freeway space for psysiologic rest position Allows user to mold NiteBite over teeth to produce a custom fit. Inner surface low temperature moldable thermoplastic with an outer surface hard plastic shell. Relieves the stresses, pains and damage caused by parafunction, clenching and griding.

Product Description
NiteBite is a custom fit dental protector for relieving head, neck, facial, and joint and tooth pain. It is an intra-oral device, worn over the user's upper anterior teeth allowing at least one lower anterior tooth to contact the rear wall of the device within the user's Freeway Space. This action prevents the posterior teeth from contacting each other but it also allows the jaw's natural proprioceptive response through the jaw opening reflex to provide a method of deprogramming, preventing parafunction and relaxing the muscles of the upper and lower jaw.

The device comprises an extruded or molded shell made of a hard polycarbonate or similar hard plastic resin. The internal surface of the shell is lined with a moldable thermoplastic resin with a low molding temperature that allows the user to mold the internal aspect of the device onto and over the teeth to produce a custom fit.

Key Features

  • FDA cleared for use by dental professionals
  • Only bite guard that fits entirely within the Freeway Space
  • Designed to fit on the upper incisors
  • Inserts, molds and fits in 5 minutes
  • Made of an inner lining ofthermoplastic formable material and a hard outer shell
  • 1 mm thick at point of contact of mandibular incisors
  • Uses the proprioceptive senses and jaw opening reflex to guide the jaw to the physiologic rest position
  • Designed to fit on the maxillary central and lateral incisors
  • Custom fit for each user
What is the Freeway Space?
The Freeway Space is the distance between the physiologic rest position and the first point of contact of the upper and lower teeth when the jaws are brought together in centric closure.

What is the Physiologic Rest Position?
The physiologic rest position is the position assumed by the mandible when the head is in an upright position, the neuromuscular system is in equilibrium in minimum tonic contraction, and the condyles are at rest.

What is the Jaw Opening Reflex?
The jaw opening reflex occurs when increased proprioception within the Freeway Space triggers the motor nerves supplying the mandibular depressor muscles. This is response within the normal chewing cycle. The NiteBite uses this response on imminent contact with the device to release pathologic neuromuscular engrams and return the mandible to the physiologic rest position.


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Testimonial of the day
"My jaw feels relaxed in
the morning. I wake up
in comfort."
                                            Arron L.

A Simple Solution your patients will love
Watch this video to learn
how to form and fit a NiteBite.

Watch this video to learn
how NiteBite is inserted.

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