NiteBite: The Next Generation in Jaw Comfort-Freedom from Clenching and Grinding!


Key Benefits

Sleep in comfort
  • Easy to fit and very comfortable to wear
  • Extremely safe and easy to use
  • Proven clinically effective
  • Can be used as a deprogrammer to
    register centric relation
  • Fits and holds securely onto teeth
    and palate
  • Minimal time to fit
    (mold & fit in 5 minutes)
Wake up rested

  • Most profitable occlusal appliance available
  • Little or no adjustment needed
  • Prevents damage to teeth and supporting structures
  • Relieves muscle spasm and tenderness caused by eccentric occlusal interferences
  • Prevents TMJ syndrome caused by chronic
    clenching and parafunction
  • Relieves chronic tension and pain within the
    head and neck neuromuscular systems


NiteBite benefits you and your patients
NiteBite is different. Its advanced technology benefits you and your patients. You can solve years of painful symptoms for your patients in a matter of minutes using the body’s own natural physiology as this small device relaxes and releases the jaw muscles so that the teeth are in their natural position – without the tightness or stress that causes pain and restless sleep.

This appliance is smaller, thinner and more comfortable for most patients than many of the previous designs. And it takes just minutes to fit, mold and put in place. The patient leaves the office with a custom appliance that he or she can easily insert that very night.

Randmark Dental NiteBite technology has been successfully used on hundreds of patients with dramatically good results! This proprietary, patented and FDA-approved product demonstates, for the first time, that a bite guard that exclusively operates within the patient’s Freeway Space – the space between the jaw at rest (physiologic rest position) and the first contact of the teeth. Using the jaw's natural proprioceptive response within the Freeway Space, as the teeth approach contact with the NiteBite, the jaw opening reflex returns the lower jaw to the physiologic rest position. The muscles relax and the NiteBite effectively relieves jaw, head and neck pain and associated symptoms of TMJ disorder.


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Testimonial of the day
"My jaw feels relaxed in
the morning. I wake up
in comfort."
                                            Arron L.

A Simple Solution your patients will love
Watch this video to learn
how to form and fit a NiteBite.

Watch this video to learn
how NiteBite is inserted.

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