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Dr. Randy Widen and Dr. Marc Doctors, the inventors of NiteBite, have over 70 years of combined experience in clinical dentistry and occlusal therapy. They have invented and developed the next generation bite guard that effectively treats patients who clench and grind their teeth and the associated headache and jaw pain symptoms known as bruxism and TMJ disorder.

Their understanding of anatomy, gnathology and equilibration, along with their knowledge of materials, have led to the realization of NiteBite. The population of those who suffer from these symptoms is estimated to be approximately 60 million people in the United States alone.

NiteBite is designed to help people who clench and grind their teeth and have associated symptoms such as headaches and jaw pain. This proprietary, patented and FDA-cleared device is the first bite guard that functions within the patient's freeway space. NiteBite uses the jaw's natural proprioceptive response to trigger the jaw opening reflex. As the lower teeth approach contact with NiteBite, the jaw opening reflex returns the lower jaw to the psysiologic rest position. The muscles relax and NiteBite effectively relieves jaw, head and neck pain, long associated symptoms of TMJ disorder.

The Advanced Technology of NiteBite
NiteBite is small, thin, unobtrusive and comfortable. Less than 2 mm thick, NIteBite fits within the freeway space without creating contact with the lower teeth when the patient's jaw is at rest. This unique design uses proprioception to trigger the jaw opening reflex which allows the mandible to return to the physiologic rest position where the jaw muscles are in a state of relaxtion.

Also, by preventing contact of the upper and lower posterior teeth, the NiteBite eliminates the impact of occlusal interferences, thus allowing for the deprogramming of the jaw muscles. This further contributes to the relaxation of the jaw muscles by allowing the mandible to attain centric relation.

Previous bite guard designs cause the opening of the mandibular-maxillary vertical dimension beyond
the physiologic rest position. These designs are less likely to allow relaxation of the jaw muscles.


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Testimonial of the day
"My jaw feels relaxed in
the morning. I wake up
in comfort."
                                            Arron L.

A Simple Solution your patients will love
Watch this video to learn
how to form and fit a NiteBite.

Watch this video to learn
how NiteBite is inserted.

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